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Heel Pain Remedies, Treatments and Cures

Heel Pain Stop.com has been published as a resource for people who may be seeking:

Heel pain information and advice

Information and advice about heel pain

(plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonits. heel spurs, Sever's disease etc)

Relieve heel pain symptoms

What can be done to help relieve heel pain symptoms

(exercises, rest, cold therapy, medications, night splints etc)

Products to stop heel pain

Products to stop heel pain (or greatly improve it)

(orthotic shoe inserts, special walkig shoes, cold packs etc)

Where you can go for heel pain help

Where you can go for more help

(see our "Other Resources" section)

As a person who knows only too well about how heel pain can interfere with your normal daily routine, I was determined to make sure I understood more about the affliction and what I could do to find remedies, treatments and even permanent heel pain cures to help stop heel pain or at least counter or minimise its potentially debilitating effects.

After lots of reading and research I was able to better understand the problem and its causes and apply that knowledge to transform my daily "hobble" back into a normal walking gait.    

I'm in my fifties now and have experienced nagging heel pain (achilles tendonitis) for some five (5) years or so.   Most of my heel problems stemmed from walking around city pavements for many years in hard business shoes with little arch support and poor shock absorption.   This was compounded by my having developed strong but tight calf muscles over the years from constant walking and putting on a little more "beef" than perhaps I should have.

Now, after learning how to deal with the complaint, I can get out of bed in the mornings and look forward to the day ahead without having to constantly limp around like a lame duck (my apologies to that fine Anatidae family of birds).   That doesn't mean that I don't have my occassional "down" days of course.   These do happen - but they are much fewer in number because I'm better equipped and forearmed knowing what I need to do to minimise my heel pain and its impact on day to day activities.

So, if you have heel pain and want to know about its more precise technical terms such as:

and what you can do about them - then this website is for you.

I'm simply passing on my hard learned know how to my fellow man (or "person") in an effort to give you a heads-up about heel pain and what can be done to relieve it if you suffer from it.

Please use the navigation buttons on the left hand side of this web page to take you to the relevant topic section.   If you get lost just simply press on the "Home Page" button to start over.   Comments and feedback are more than welcome (refer to the "Contact Us" page).

I should make it clear at the very outset that I'm not a medical practitioner and therefore do not profess to give qualified medical advice about heel pain.   I'm just an ordinary guy wanting to pass on what I've learned to help others who may have little or no knowledge about the subject and want some practical and useful tips to deal with it.

Remember! - there is no substitute for proper medical advice.   Always consult a physician if you need professional help for your heel pain. 

Have a (heel) pain free day!


Richard Gibbons

Richard W Gibbons, EzineArticles Platinum Author



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